Introduction to Software

The software section of the AI Voice Box contains three services
1) AI Dashboard
2) GoTTY Terminal
3) Visual Studio Code Editor
Let us explore all three services in detail
Good to know: Above mentioned three tools is all what you need to get started with the AI Voice Box project building

AI Voice Box Dashboard

To navigate to this dashboard, connect Voice Box with the registered WIFI Credentials and navigate to raspberrypi.local:4001 port.
AI Voice Box Dashboard
Dashboard mentioned above has various applications like WakeUp, Training Intents, Training new words, using various services as a layer.
Let us go through each and every buttons present over the dashboard.


pyaudio helps in setting up the audio configuration of the AI Voice Box, it will generally be pre-configured setting. However, if you want to play around with the service and want to change the allocated sub-services, feel free to hover over the page.

Wake Word Services

There are various wake word services used in this Dashboard, here we can use the pre-trained wake words or train custom wake word.
List of Wake Word Servies
We have been provided with the list of wake word services, in our case we will be using Rhasspy Raven or Porcupins as a service.
Below mentioned is a demo of how the wake word is trained, it will ask to record the custom word for three times. And after recording the words, click on the Train button top-right corner of the page.
Write the custom keyword and record audio to train the wakeword

Speech to Text Services

There are various speech to text services in the AI Voice Box dashboard, below mentioned is the list of services for Speech to Text.
List of Speech to Text Services

Intent Recognition Services

There are various intent recognition services in the AI Voice Box dashboard, below mentioned is the list of services for Intent Recognision.
List of intent recognision services

Text to Speech services

There are various Text to Speech services in the AI Voice Box dashboard, below mentioned is the list of services for Text to Speech.
List of Text to Speech Services
Above mentioned services have capabilities of performing tasks like speech to text, text to speech, intent detection. To know about all the services please refer to the documentaion for the services in the below-mentioned link.

Sentence Page

Sentence page is used to train the intents for the application that we design. They are stored in .ini format where the syntax for the intents looks as mentioned below.
Sentences Page

Wake up and Play Recording

Wake up and Play recording buttons are on the Home page of AI Voice Box dashboard, they are used to wake up the voice box manually and play the recorded command respectively.
Wake up and Play Recording button


Words page is used to train the pronunciation of the word by typing in the input.
Words Page

GoTTY Terminal

GoTTY Terminal is a web-based command line terminal application
Below mentioned is the image of GoTTY terminal.
Gotty terminal(image to be replaced)
To run the commands on the raspberry pi, we can make use of this terminal which is user-friendly and can easily execute the commands over the web.
To know more about GoTTY visit below mentioned website

Code Server - Visual Code Editor

VS code web is a web-based code editor to write code and play around with AI Voice box using python programming langauge.
All the skills developed by AI Voice Box team will be accessed using this termnial
To access the VS Code web, go to 8001 port of the raspberry pi using rasberrypi.local:8001